ArmourGrade Roof Gutters are a critical part of your homes maintenance and water damage prevention system. Their main purpose is to redirect the water from the surface area of the roof into your drainage system and away from your foundation. Now it might not seem like a huge concern at first but over the course of the years you’ll notice that the heavy rain; specifically in areas like the Okanagan, Salmon Arm and Shuswap, will begin to cause damage to your foundation as well as rotting on your wood facia overhang.

In this post we will go over the general common practice of any professional gutter installation contractor and what you should expect When hiring a professional to install new gutters and aluminum facia protection on your home.

Drip edge: A professional roofer will leave a 1 inch overhang to protect your wood facia from water exposure however we always recommend installing a drip edge which is the first layer of protection on your facia board.

Aluminum facia: About 40 to 50 years ago builders across Canada begin adopting new protective measures that provide a more durable curb appeal to your home then painted fascia board. Although the look of painted facia board is appealing, the hassle of continuously having to remove your gutter system in order to send down your facia and repaint it every 5 to 7 years has made this option less desirable amongst homeowners in the Okanagan and its neighbouring cities. For that reason facia contractors will recommend the aluminum facia flashing option which is an aluminum piece that comes in 10 foot lengths and a wide variety of colours. The aluminum facia is installed underneath it, down, and around the facia board providing a clean and chic look to your home. Most homeowners will choose the colour match their aluminum facia with their gutters for a clean look while others enjoy the contrast and choose to mix and match depending on the colour of the exterior of their home.

Seamless Roof Gutters: Roof Gutters used to come in 10 to 12 foot sections and pieced together to fit different home dimensions. However thanks to technology, you will find many contractors on Victoria island will have a seamless gutter machine that bends and shapes aluminum gutters to custom fit your home, hence the term seamless gutters.

The industry of seamless gutters has evolved over the years as well going from 4 inch gutters the 5 inch gutters. Depending on the machine manufacture, every installer will be able to offer you a variety of gutter profiles to choose from. No it is important to note that different gutter fell far as well offer different drainage mechanisms and durability. For example, facia gutters will use a wider aluminum coil compared to your standard 5 inch K style gutters. The wider aluminum means more product being bent which makes the gutter less durable.

As professional gutter installation contractors, our job is to provide you with all the information you need to make an informative decision with respect to the product and profile that will best suit your home factoring the constant rainy weather conditions in our area.

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