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WHY IS MOSS HARMFUL. Moss holds in moisture and feeds on the limestone composite of shingles. Over time, that causes the shingles to deteriorate and curl reducing the life span off your roof.

WHAT CAUSES ROOF MOSS GROWTH. Moss develops in humid environments specifically shaded areas that lack sun exposure. It usually starts developing on the north facing sides and spreads to other sections of your roof.

CEDAR SHAKE ROOFS. Cedar shakes are notorious for their ability to absorb moisture and develop mold, algae, and moss. Just like any wood surface material, cedar shakes require regular maintenance to prevent premature chipping and curling. We recommend that you treat your cedar shake roof every 10 – 12 years to keep it from deteriorating. With proper maintenance, cedar shakes can last over 50 years.

WHAT IS THE BEST SOLUTION. The best moss removal product and approach will depend on the type of your roof material you have. By using the most appropriate approach we can get rid of the moss without causing any damage to your roof. For that reason, it is extremely important to consult with an experienced roof demossing and moss removal contractor!

ROOF CLEANING SERVICES AND SAFETY MEASURES. We use a special roof soft-wash systems to complete the demossing safely without having to walk all over your roof. Additionally, all of our technicians are Fall Arrest Certified and carry fall protection while working at elevated heights. Their experience and awareness on roofs will give you the peace of mind that the service will be completed safely and with no accidents.

WHY USE US. Our team at Armour Grade Contracting has been providing demossing and roof cleaning services for over 100 years. We specialize in protective roof cleaning, soft-wash treatment and moss growth prevention.

LEAF GUTTER GUARDS INSTALLATION. Call us today to learn more about our low maintenance gutter screens. Our guards work great against clog prevention from pine needles and organic debris.