Choosing the best roof cleaning product

There are many things to consider when deciding on the right roof cleaner  and moss killer for your roof specially here in Kelowna and West Kelowna. Moss thrives in humid weather conditions specially here in kelowna where we get a fair amount of rain and the sun is usually shaded from the north sides and the valleys of your home. That is why ArmourGrade in Kelowna has done extensive research to make sure moss is tackled properly and effectively!

The Best way to get rid of Moss

Removing moss is easier said than done, most roofs are either high pitched or elevated high enough that any small slip or accident could cause dire consequences! Additionally most moss killer formulas are slippery and toxic which makes the application harder to execute. Shingle roofs are easier tp treat then cedar roofs because cedar can be very slippery when wet and the algae and mould makes it more slippery!

Removing roof moss in kelowna on cedar shake roofs requires a specific formula that targets the mould, mildew, algae, and moss and penetrates the top layer that develops on the surface of the cedar shakes. The right moss killer will also have a treatment compound to replenish the cedar shakes to stop chipping and prolong the longevity of your cedar shakes!

The right roof cleaner for asphalt shingle roofs is completely different then other roof compounds. With asphalt shingles in kelowna you will find lime stone in the composite so its important to pick a compound that has the right ph – it cannot be acidic as it will curl up your shingles over time – the right moss killer will be a combination of roof cleaners that balance out and create the best roof cleaning formula!