Wondering what the cost of gutter replacement in Vernon is for new aluminum gutters? This article will give you a pretty good idea of how you can calculate that yourself!

Aluminum Gutters

In most cases your aluminum gutters are matched with your soffits and fascia cladding. When it comes to getting your aluminum gutters replaced and upgraded, there are many factors that come into play with respect to the pricing. Cost will depend on the type of seamless eavestrough you select, thickness of the material that will be used for your gutters, the existing condition of the fascia boards, length of the downspout extensions, and the landscape of which your contractor will have to work off. Take West Kelowna for example, many houses sit on the hill side and in some cases installation takes twice the amount of time as it would on a standard one level house.

For that reason the price per foot varies between $5 a foot and $10 a foot. Additionally, your seamless eavestroughs can be ordered in over 10 different profiles which we have broken down in a separate blog post.gutter-replacement-continuous

Soffit Replacement

The cost of replacement for aluminum soffits in Vernon will also depend on a few factors such as the height of the house, the type of existing soffit the property already has that will need to be removed, and the type of material and panelling you wish to go with. The most common aluminum soffits come in 4 panel or 2 panel. Both are the same size its really just the design and perforations which will depend on your personal preference.

It is always best when requesting a gutter replacement estimate to ask for your estimator to quote you on cladding your fascia boards and replacing your soffits if they are wood or plywood. Vented soffits work best for energy efficiency as it allows the air to flow in and our of the roof overhangs and prevents the formation of ice damps on your roof valleys.

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