What makes aluminum soffit superior to wood soffit? The main problems with wood soffit is that it does not provide sufficient ventilation to the roof overhangs and it is susceptible to moisture. For that reason, most wood soffit develop mould or rot over time. We recommend consulting with one of our expert soffit installers prior to replacing your soffit to make sure you are picking the best product for your home.

Soffits also prevent birds and rodents from nesting in your roof overhangs. So instead of completely closing the roof overhang; which causes a lack of air circulation, vented aluminum soffits provide comfortable air flow and compliments the aesthetics of your home.


What Makes our gutter installation in Kamloops different? We use the highest grade aluminum which maintains its colour and durability for many years. Some things to consider when selecting the right product is the thickness of the gutter coil, type of clips, type of screws, and the size of the downspout drains. We offers a wide variety of profiles and styles. Our service includes 5 Continuous Seamless Gutters, Aluminum Vented soffits, fascia repairs and replacement, and leaf guards.

Additionally, our eavestrough installers are skilled, experienced, and trained to provide you with the best gutter replacement service the industry has to offer as well as gutter repairs, downspout installation, leak repairs, slope adjustments, and much more