Importance of keeping your eavestroughs properly maintained.

Your eavestrough does a lot for your home that you may not know about or even notice. They guide water from your roof and takes it where it needs to go – away from your home. They prevent water damage, protect your foundation, and protect your family from mold and mildew. All types of weather assaults your eavestrough when you live in the city of Kelowna. Kelowna weather brings snow in the winter, rain in the spring and fall, and gusts of wind all year long. Paying attention to Kelowna news makes sure that you’re prepared for all kinds of weather and you can take shelter indoors if you want to. Not your eavestrough. They’re out there day in and day out. Even the most durable of material bend and sometimes break when under so much pressure. But when that happens, here are some common eavestrough repairs to make sure your home is always protected.

Patching a Leaking Eavestrough

Leaks can occur due to clogs that cause standing water. The water eventually rusts the eavestrough which causes holes to form. Branches, sharp tools or infestation can also puncture the eavestrough. Leaks are common enough that you can get what you need at your local hardware store.First, clear all of the debris from the gutter. Then scrub the area clean using a wire brush. Cut out any rust you see around the hole. Apply a metal-repair patch that matches your eavestrough’s material over the hole. Secure the repair patch using roofing cement applied with a putty knife. Doing this on a warm day will make sure that the cement is easier to spread.

Setting a Sagging Eavestrough

Your eavestrough is likely made from a flexible metal like aluminum, vinyl or galvanized steel. If your eavestrough is taking on heavy rain, they may sag or bend. The spikes that hold the eavestrough in place could also pull free for the same reason.When you notice a sagging eavestrough, you need to repair it as quickly as you can. It’s not doing it’s job properly and water could be going where you don’t want it to go. There’s also a chance that your whole eavestrough system comes crashing down.To fix a sagging eavestrough, you’ll need to use a hammer to drive spikes to set the eavestrough back in place. You need to make sure the spike is secured to solid wood. If it doesn’t attach to wood, you may need to use a longer nail or a long screw.

Fixing an Overflowing Eavestrough

Water blockage is the most common issue for a homeowner’s eavestrough. Debris like leaves and branches can lodge themselves to cause the blockage. Birds nests can also stop water from flowing freely. Gutter guards can help prevent blockages, but the best prevention strategy is regular maintenance. Use some elbow grease, climb your ladder and clear out any materials trying to mess with your eavestrough.Cleaning or repairing your eavestrough is a tough job. It’s not one of the “Best Things To Do in Kelowna.” You can save some money or you can make sure that the job is done right. If you’re heading someplace warm this winter, make a stress-free drive to the Kelowna airport by leaving the repairs and cleaning to professionals.